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5 SEO Strategies for Ranking Higher in 2020

SEO can be hard and it’s even harder when you read same advice over and over again, like optimize your Meta tag, share your content on social media and publish great content.

These advise are not completely useless but it's not going to help your website rank on top of Google because every other person is following same advice. So to rank higher you need to do something completely different which is exactly what you are about to read.

Strategy 1: Finding an opportunity keyword

An opportunity keyword is just like a regular keyboard but better

For example take a look at the first page for this keyword you will see a bunch of ads, a featured snippet, questions box and news results which is exactly why you should focus hundred percent on opportunity keywords

What are opportunity keywords?

Opportunity keywords are keywords with a higher organic click through rate

In short they are keywords which do not have other stuff on the first page like ads, news and featured snippet that distracts people from the organic results

Look at the search results before picking a keyword if it is packed with other things you can go for opportunity keyboard which is going to get you more clicks

Strategy 2: Check the Content Competition

What after finding an opportunity keyword?

People usually write content which they think would rank in Google. But you should analyze the first page results to see what is already working for competitors. Firstly, just check out your content competition and figure out the type of content that Google wants to see for that particular keyword then you should start creating content.

Strategy 3: Add your Hook

This is an advanced SEO strategy so if you are new to SEO you might want to skip this step

Here is how it works:

You already know that pages with the most back links ranks highest in Google

But how do you get people to link to you. Here is a simple process:

Step 1: Figure out why people linked to content in your industry i.e. the hook

Step 2: Include that hook in your content

Let us see three examples that are already working:

  • Creating unique content, create something new can get you a hook

  • Creating content which is an ultimate guide

  • For creating hook include case studies in your content

Strategy 4: Optimize your website’s On Page SEO

Now you guys are familiar with On Page SEO. Instead of focusing on regular SEO strategy, I would like to talk about two important SEO strategies that are really working very well right now are

Use of Short URL and Internal Linking

Pages with Short URL ranked higher on Google, now you cannot go and change your existing URL because that can do a lot of harm than any good Instead just make your new URLs short and precise

Next step which we have is Internal linking. Yes, internal links still work but you have to do it in a right way specifically, you should link from high authority pages of your website to the pages that you want to rank. This will help pass on good authority to the pages you want to rank.

Strategy 5: Skyscraper Technique 2.0

You guys might have heard about skyscraper technique, a content marketing and SEO approach which went viral a few years ago. But the original skyscraper technique doesn’t cover something which is super important for ranking in Google today - Search Intent.

Search Intent is what a searcher is looking for on Google and the better your content matches to their intent the higher you will rank.

You should write the content which matches the search intent of the searcher. Analyze what type of content is already ranking on Google first page and understand the search intent of the searcher. For example search intent can be about tips, strategies, case studies or just informative posts on any particular topic.

One of the most important step for ranking higher on Google is building back links so if you have just published new content on your website a piece of content which has a hook and is also optimized for search intent. So your next step should be to build links to those pages


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